Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What you should know about equipment leasing

While equipment leasing has been becoming a more we can finance any piece of equipment, as long as its being used for a legitimate business.  To read more information about equipment leasing, you can read what the SBA has to say about using equipment leasing to finance your business.
equipment financing
form of business financing, a lot of people still don't know what it is.  An equipment lease is a long-term rental agreement for any type of business equipment.  Here at

Four Reasons Why Equipment Leasing Is Becoming More Popular. 

1. Low monthly payment.  Making expensive pieces of equipment attainable.
2. Low down payments - Usually just first and last payment of the lease
3. The ability to structure the lease to fit their business needs.  You can choose to own it at the end of the lease or return it.
4. Lease payments are considered pretax expenses.

Equipment leasing also provides 100% financing.  That includes the equipment and if needed the installation into your business location.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

We are Here to Help Your Business Succeed

Equipment leasing for startup busiensses or Start up business financing is something that many people are relying on to get started with opening their own business. After all, it can be a very expensive process if you do not have a lot of money. It is so much easier to lease the equipment that you need so that you can get your business up and running.

Obviously, you are going to have to fill out an online application. This way, we will be able to look at your credit history as well as other sources of income. We will use these things to determine whether or not you would be a candidate that we would like to do business with. If we do agree to do a lease agreement with you, we will request to automatically withdraw our monthly payment from your checking account. This way, you will never overlook a payment and we will always get our money.

If you do decide to fill out an application, we will request that you put down $250 for a deposit. The majority of this deposit will be refunded upon our decision. We will keep $49 for our services. If you are approved, you will be able to start leasing equipment right away. The sooner you have the equipment that you need, the sooner you are going to be able to get started with your business. This means that you can be making a profit sooner than you think.

Every company who is applying for leased equipment will need to have a business checking account as well as a business phone and of course a business name. These are only a few of the requirements. If you are interested in filling out an application, you can visit our website. Many people do not realize that Equipment sales people Increase Your Sales Using Custom Equipment Leasing Programs For Your Business. If you have high quality equipment, you will be able to better take care of your customers. This means that they are going to return for business which will make more money for you in the long run.

After year lease has expired, you will be given the opportunity to purchase the equipment or return it. Keep in mind that a typical lease will average around three years in length. This should give you plenty of time to decide whether or not you would like to keep the equipment.